And She Was…

┬áThis blog was started two months ago…in my mind…I have a tendency to wait until everything is perfect to begin something…life isn’t perfect…neither will this blog be…somewhere along the way…over the past nine or so years…I have lost myself…my body has suffered as well as my mind and my heart…so this is a journey…a journey to find that free spirited, kind, easy going, fun-loving, forgiving girl who ran three miles a day and did an hour of yoga afterwards…except now, she is a woman…she is a woman who will not be caught in another abusive relationship…a woman who will be kind and forgiving, but will not be taken advantage of by others because she does have value…I believe that is kind of where that girl went away…she surrounded herself with the wrong people and, on some level, continues to do so…so she is taking her life back…taking herself back…knowing that not everything and everyone is perfect, even her…me…this is that journey…a journey into wonderful madness….


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